Setup WordPress on AWS for free without any coding

In this quick tutorial you will be able to setup WordPress website on AWS. The steps are so simple that you can follow along with the steps of the tutorial and complete the whole process simultaneously.

Step 1: Create an AWS account.

First thing first, create an AWS account for free by signing up here –

After entering basic details, on the next screen, you will be asked to enter your card details. This is just for the purpose in case you use the resources beyond the limit provided in the free ti account.

Step 2: Create an EC2 Instance

Once you setup the account, you will be taken to the dashboard screen where you have to search for EC2 to create an EC2 instance.

On the next screen, you will see more options related to the EC2 system. In our case we will create or launch an EC2 instance with basic configuration enough to run a WordPress site smoothly. As you can see the in the screenshot below, click on the Launch Instance button.


Step 3: Choose the right Amazon Machine Image for WordPress

Now this is an important step, we are going to setup a WordPress with basic configuration while following a simple wizard.

Click on AWS Marketplace and type WordPress in the search bar. You will see a WordPress by Bitnami and Automattic in search results. Select this option and follow the next instructions.

Step 4: Choose Instance Type and Configure

Select the instance type which is t2.micro with Free tier eligible label as shown below. Then click on Next button.

On next step, select Enable from the Auto-assign Public IP. That’s it and click Next button.

Now, you need to define the storage for your WordPress instance. It can be 10 GB for initial purpose.

You may change it based on your storage requirement in the future. The increase in this storage can be subject to some additional fee.

That is all about the basic configuration. You can click on Review and Launch button to move ahead.

Step 5: Review and Launch the site

On the Review Instance Launch screen (as shown below), you can review your instance configuration and if satisfied, click on Launch button.

This is very important step where you create a new SSH key pair for future purpose. Give it a name and save somewhere safe on your system. This key will be required in future when you would need to access your instance via SSH.

Voila! The instance is created and your wordpress site with latest theme is setup by the AWS.
Now you will see an IP address under IPv4 Public IP column, this is the IP address of your wordpress site.

Copy this and paste it in the URL bar of your browser, you will see a WordPress site with latest theme installed.

Accessing WordPress admin details

Since the site is setup, you would also need the login details of the WordPress Admin section to make any changes to your site.

Right click the instance and go to Instance Settings – > Get System Log

Scroll down the page where you will be able to see the username and temporary password for the wordpress admin. Copy both and save it somewhere.

To access the login page, type your IP address and then /wp-admin at the end in the URL bar and hit enter. You will see a page where you can input both the details you copied above.

After successfully login, you will see the backend of your WordPress site with latest theme installed and some plugins pre-installed.

If you have any questions or stuck anywhere in this process, please write in the comment section below. I will try to reach out asap.

Happy Blogging 🙂

Maninder Singh