2 ways to stop Google Analytics from tracking my visits

If you own a blog or any business website you will definitely want to track your website visitors using a website analytics service like Google Analytics.

Adding Google Analytics code is quite easy, however, it may sometimes give you wrong impressions when your own visits to your site gets counted by the GA.

To overcome this issue, there are basically two options that you can follow to stop GA from tracking your visits.

Option 1: Exclude your IP addresses from being tracked.

You will need to find out all the IP addresses that you might be using to access your site. Then you will need to provide them to the GA account to get them excluded from being tracked.

  1. Find your IP address using WhatisMyIp.com
  2. Login to Google Analytics account and click on ‘Admin’ in the bottom left corner of your Dashboard.
  3. Now choose the ‘Account’ and click on ‘All Filters’ and then ‘Add Filter’ buttons as shown.
  4. Now give a name to this filter, select right dropdown items as shown in the screenshot below, and add your IP address here.
  5. Save the changes now.

That’s it. You are done. Your visits from this IP will not be considered by the Google Analytics from now onwards.

Note: The above approach does not cover when your site is being visited by you on a dynamic IP network. In this case, your IP address will keep on changing and it will become frustrating or near to impossible for you to keep track of all these IPs and add them in the Google Analytics filter.

In such cases, the following option can be useful for WordPress sites.

If you have a website other than WordPress, then there are other options too handle dynamic IP exclusion. There is a nice blog about 5 different ways to stop Google Analytics from tracking the visits which can be followed by any website or platform.

For the WordPress users, they can follow the Option 2 below.

Option 2: Using a WordPress plugin – Monster Analytics.

This WordPress plugin will exclude the logged-in users from being tracked by Google Analytics. There can be many logged-in users working on your site to review, create or test the content or functionality by logging in with different roles like Administrator, SEO team members, Editors, etc.

Let’s get started,

  1. Install MonsterInsights on your site and configure it with Google Analytics.
  2. Go to Insights -> Settings.
  3. On ‘Settings’ page, click on ‘Advanced’ tab.
  4. Under the ‘Permissions’ section, choose the different roles you want to exclude in ‘Exclude These User Roles From Tracking’.
  5. Save the changes.

That is all you have to do. You have successfully stopped logged-in users from being tracked by Google Analytics.


I would suggest you to implement both the options for your site. This approach will cover most of the possibility of getting your visits tracked when you or your team members work on the site.

If you have any questions, feel free to write in the comment section below.

Maninder Singh