How to format multiple sheets at the same time in excel

I know it’s really frustrating when you have several sheets in a single excel file and you need to format them to make the data look uniform across all sheets. This can waste lot of your time if you need to work on a single sheet one by one.

Good news, there is an easy way which will save you a lot of time. You just need to select the sheets and format any one of them and your changes will be applied to other sheets automatically.

Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl key and click on the tabs you want to select for formatting (the tabs will get highlighted)
  2. Now, you can edit the data in any sheet and change formatting. This change of formatting will also be applied to all other selected sheets automatically
  3. To check, you can click on any of the selected tabs to see your changes while they are selected state.
  4. To go back to the normal state, click on any un-selected tabs or double click any selected tab.

Maninder Singh