Top 10 questions to ask your e-commerce customer

While discussing a project with a potential customer, it is very crucial that you ask the right questions to get more information out of the customer. It is highly likely that the customers may not know everything about what they want in your web store.

Therefore, asking the right questions in the initial discussions with the customer makes you look more professional and knowledgeable about the domain. This also creates high chances of winning the project as well as keeping the last-minute surprises from the customer at bay.

Here is the list of some questions that you can ask your e-commerce customer to get a clear picture of the requirements.

  1. What type of products you will be selling online (Physical, digital or services)
  2. Will there be different categories or sub-categories, attributes for the products or services?
  3. Will you be shipping the product?  Do you want the shipping charge to be calculated automatically based on the shipping address?
  4. Will there be any product or service which requires recurring billing?
  5. Will there be any sales tax or additional charges on the purchases?
  6. Do you need your site to support multi-language?
  7. Do you need your site to support multi-currency?
  8. Do you need the products to be migrated from the old site? This is applicable if the client already has an existing e-commerce site on another platform?
  9. What payment method you would like to offer to your customers like online payment via cards, cash on delivery, etc.
  10. Do you need your e-commerce store to integrate with any other existing systems? and if yes, which ones?
    1. Accounting system
    2. Inventory Management system
    3. Client Management system, etc.


The above list is just a subset of many questions that can be asked to dive more into the project details. You may have your own list of questions based on the nature of requirements that you have discussed with your customer.
While gathering requirements from the customer, it is important that you discuss as many aspects of the e-commerce site as possible so that you can avoid situations like scope-creep, estimation anomalies, project ended up in zero profit or complete project failure.

Maninder Singh